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Welcome to the March-April 2013 edition of the Carleton Landowners Association e-newsletter and welcome to all of you joining us for the first time as recipients of this letter.

In the news this issue are governments and quasi-government organizations to watch as they continue to try to take our land through regulation.

City of Ottawa wants to expropriate land without compensation

I will be making a presentation on Thursday, April 18, to the Community and Protective Services Committee regarding their report entitled Strategy to Address Vacant Buildings. A close look at this report reveals that the end game may be to “take title to the land in question”, in other words, if the owner of the vacant building does not comply with the fees and permits of the City, the City will expropriate without compensation.
The full text of the report can be found at Click on e-Agenda, go to Community and Protective Services Committee (April 18th), and click on the HTML version of the Agenda. A link to the Report is contained in the HTML Agenda.

The Committee meeting will be held in the Champlain Room, 110 Laurier Avenue West at 9:30 AM.

Mayor Jim Watson has gone to great lengths to sway public opinion against owners of vacant buildings by calling them eyesores. Eyesores they may be, but this is not the way to rejuvenate a community – by declaring war on the developers.

By-laws also have unforeseen implications – what’s next – vacant cottages, vacant farm houses, vacant businesses in rural areas? Economic times are tough. Is this the right time to bully developers and homeowners into making improvements to their property?

Other Potential Regulatory Takings

This notice was in the February newsletter but I thought it was worth repeating for those that missed it and for our new members.

The Mississippi Valley, Rideau Valley and South Nation Conservation Authorities are conducting Floodplain mapping studies in Ottawa over the next five years. According to their press release, “Over the next five years, three conservation authorities will be undertaking a number of flood risk mapping studies on watercourses within the City of Ottawa and their respective areas of jurisdiction. For some watercourses old flood risk mapping will be updated and for some watercourses flood risk maps will be created for the first time.”

To see the full press release, go to Held

Some Good News about Survey Records

Some good news passed on to us from Donna Burns, President of the Renfrew Landowners Association:
Please be advised that you may obtain a copy of your original survey and surveyor notes from the MNR in Peterborough (same place where you apply for your Crown Land Patent Grant).

The contact information is as follows:
Stacey Rombough, Survey Records Clerk, Office of the Surveyor General / Ministry of Natural Resources 300 Water Street, 2nd. floor N / Peterborough, Ont. K9J 8M5
Phone 705-755-2100 / fax 705-755-2149
website: /en/Business/OSG/index.html
They will send it to you FREE by email.

Upcoming Meetings

Lanark Landowners Public Information Meeting

The Lanark Landowners Association is planning a public information meeting similar to the one held in Cobden in February. The meeting will continue the discussion on Municipal responsibilities and limitations when it comes to enacting and enforcing bylaws. Liz Marshall and Terry Green will be among the speakers.
Date and location are: Saturday, May 25th in at the Carleton Place Town Hall, Carleton Place. Details on the agenda to follow.

Carleton Landowners Annual General Meeting

The CLA AGM will take place this year on Thursday June 6th at 7 PM at the Carp Agricultural Hall. Guest Speaker is Liz Marshall. Watch our website at for more details.

OLA Litigation Fund

The Ontario Landowners Association has decided to go on the offensive by investing in legal action aimed at having the courts strike down egregious laws and regulations passed by municipal councils and Queens Park. To aid in this endeavour, the OLA has created the OLA Litigation Fund. Many of you have contributed to this very important initiative and I want to thank you very much for your support.

Shirley Dolan
President, Carleton Landowners Association
Woodlawn, ON



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