About Us

About Us…

The mission of the Carleton Landowners Association (CLA) is to promote and defend the property rights of the residents of Ottawa and Carleton County. Our objective will be the organization of choice for guidance and support when property rights in Ottawa/Carleton are challenged.

We are volunteers and concerned citizens who are concerned with the ever creeping invasion of government into our lives.

Mission Amplification

The term “property rights” as used in the CLA mission statement, include both personal and Constitutional Rights. The CLA will achieve its mission as an organization integral to the Ontario Landowners Association.

 Our Vision

The CLA strive to ensure that the residents of Ottawa/Carleton are thoroughly informed and educated with respect to property rights. We also strive to be an effective voice at all political levels, in support of property rights of all residents of Ottawa/Carleton.

What We Can Do Together…

As a collective group of Ottawa-Carleton residents, along with other like minded Ontarians, we know that there are strength in numbers. Strength in knowing our rights, and strength in lobbying for change at all levels of government. Where legislation, government bureacracy and over zealous regulations complicate law abiding land owners, we strive to work to change over reaching government intervention against landowners.