Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee – D-5-5 restriction should be removed.

May 2, 2014 |

waterdrop_creativecommonsSince the meeting in Osgoode of the Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee (ARAC) at which nine delegates spoke out against the City of Ottawa’s practice of making the provincial guideline D-5-5 a condition of severance, the Carleton Landowners Association has continued to press for the removal of this requirement.

For the most part, ARAC’s position continues to be that we should have the Province review their guidelines to take into account technologies that exist today for treatment of water. Councillor El Chantiry is planning to organize a working group that will make recommendations to the City and the MOE regarding this issue.

In my opinion, there has been some, but not much progress on the request of the nine delegates to remove the D-5-5 condition. In fact, words in the previous 2009 Official Plan like “in certain circumstances” and “may require the proponent to drill a well” appear to have been replaced, in the 2013 Official Plan (OP) by more restrictive language such as “development on private land must be supported by a satisfactory well inspection report”. Official Plan documents are found on the City’s website at See Annotated Official Plan, Section Severances on page 4-10. I’m really not sure what the consequences of the changes to the 2009 OP might be.

ARAC will meet again on Monday, May 5th at 6 PM at the West Carleton Community Complex, 5670 Carp Road. The agenda for the next meeting is here: I am told that there is no document for item one – it will be a presentation by a group.

ARAC Councillors need to understand that this issue is important to rural residents. Its not just about a few severances that were denied. Its about our future.

The D-5-5 issue in not on the agenda however I plan to speak at Open Mike to assure the councillors that the issue remains one of high importance to us.

The meeting promises to be a long one with many agenda items and for those of you who plan to attend, we should respect the other items on the agenda, as we did in Osgoode. But a good show of people will help to convince ARAC that the issue remains of high importance.

Please feel free to email me or call me at 613-623-0675, if you have questions.

Shirley Dolan, President
Carleton landowners Association


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