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How to Contact Us

Phone Shirley Dolan (CLA President) at 613-623-0675
Email: Carleton Landowners Association

Letters may be sent to:
Carleton Landowners Association
PO Box 346, Woodlawn, ON
K0A 3M0

The following members are currently serving on the Carleton Landowners Association Board of Directors:


  • Shirley Dolan, President/Treasurer
  • Tom Black, Past President
  • Robert Ralph, Vice-President
  • Donna Wilson, Memberships
  • Dale Larose, Secretary
  • David Ascroft, Director
  • Roch Lalande, Director
  • Gerry Jette, Director
  • Mike Westley, Director
  • Sonja Vanek, Director
  • Larry Shouldice, Director
  • Tim Mount, Director
  • Ade Olumide, Director
  • Mark Tijessen, Director
  • Aline Maheral, Director

Directors are elected annually at our Annual General Meeting. Our next AGM will be held in April 2014.



Our current membership fee is $50. This fee was set at the Annual General Meeting of the Ontario Landowners Association in October 2009. A portion of the membership fee goes to the OLA to support the ongoing fight for property rights across Ontario. By joining the CLA, you are helping the OLA and its member associations fight to protect and preserve our traditional rights and freedoms.

To become a CLA member, you can:

  • Join online from the OLA website or,
  • Print and fill out this form and send it to:Carleton Landowners Association
    PO Box 346, Woodlawn, ON K0A 3M0
    Donations are also welcome, with or without a membership.

    Please make all cheques payable to: Carleton Landowners Association.