Hydro Protest! Be Heard!

February 27, 2014 |







As you may know, several Hydro Protest rallies are being planned across Ontario for Friday, April 4th to protest hydro rates. Over the past few days, I have received a number of calls and emails requesting information on the time and place of the rally planned for Ottawa.

In an effort to promote this important issue, the Carleton Landowners Association is posting the flyer with details on the event. Please feel free to pass on the flyer or link to anyone in your network.

See Flyer Here

Thanks so much and hope to see you at the rally. I’ll be there.


Energy Minister Bob Chiarelli’s Office

2249 Carling Avenue -Ottawa, Ontario

Beginning at 12:00 noon

So far there are 21 towns and cities in Ontario that have pledged to do a rally on April 4th.

For more information on what cities are joining  the protest, visit the Hydro Protest Facebook Page:

Join the fight against Hydro rates.

Shirley Dolan, President
Carleton Landowners Association



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