Do You Know What AMPS Is?

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ampsDo you know what AMPS is?

An insightful article by Shirley Dolan in the April/May 2015 Landowner Magazine spells out in detail, why we should be wary of AMPS – the Administrative Monetary Penalty System.

“Friends of mine alerted me to this proposed new system which is described on the Ontario Attorney General’s webpage. Otherwise, I would not have known about it. I am sure there are many people who have no idea that their rights are being potentially whittled away without their knowledge…”

Shirley points out in the article that the public consultation for this system consisted of posting the proposal on the internet and inviting people to comment.  As Shirley also points out, –  “the consultation would have been better served by conducting town hall meetings and allowing people to have a proper say about the proposed changes to our justice system.”

“AMPS is essentially lowering the standards of proof needed to convict people of non-criminal offences”, wrote David Reevely in the Ottawa Citizen.

Luckily, despite being shuffled on the internet by the government without fanfare, the opposition to AMPS has been receiving its fair share of opposition.

And as well it should.

John Papadakis, spokesperson for the Ontario AMPS Opposition Task Force claimed at a Queen’s Park press conference, that anyone issued a ticket for various offences under the Provincial Offenses Act would be presumed guilty.

If you are concerned about preserving due process, you can get more information from the both the Attorney General’s website and the Ontario AMPS Opposition Task Force website.

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