Gary McHale Freedom Isn’t Free! – Property Rights Seminar 2014

April 27, 2014 |
Gary McHale Book

Gary McHale – Victory In The NO-GO Zone

During our Property Rights Seminar on April 26th, 2014, we had the pleasure of having Gary McHale speak about personal rights, property rights, and not allowing our freedom to be taken from us.

His story about the astonishing and shameful occupation in Caledonia Ontario is both eye opening and jaw dropping.  It is a reminder to all of us to what can happen if authorities and lawless mauraders think they can run roughshod over our rights and freedoms.

Nick Vandergragt host of the CFRA Nick at Night Show, had Gary as a special in studio guest.  This is a podcast that should be listened to, more than once.  Click here to listen.  (Gary is the guest during the second hour of the show which starts at approximately 39:30 minutes into the podcast.)

We are pleased to also provide a link to the Freedom Press website where you can purchase Gary’s Book – Victory In The No-Go Zone.   This is a must read book!

Update: Gary’s amazing keynote speech at our 2014 Seminar can be seen here!




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