Our Wins 2012 Edition

March 5, 2012 |







Lambton Landowners – stopped the county tree cutting by-law by informing County Council that the council had not been informed of all of the Acts that the draft by-law would be in violation of. They presented to the council the OLA paper  “Tree Cutting By-laws: What Municipal Councils Need to Know”. A great success.

Niagara Landowners – encouraged West Lincoln to pass a resolution for a moratorium on wind turbines. West Lincoln has removed a ‘site alteration by-law’ and West Lincoln has removed “warrantless” entry.

Terry Green and Associates: Two Ottawa area landowners were charged by the Rideau Valley Conservation Authorities for disturbing a ‘wetland’ when they cleaned out their farm ditches. All charges were dropped in court because the Conservation Authorities did NOT get a warrant to collect evidence from the air.

A Niagara Landowner was charged by the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority for disturbing his ‘wetlands’. He lost in court but appealed it with lawyer Terry Green’s help and landowner research. The judge suspended all charges before it even went to appeal The Georgian Bluff Township on the attack with their Property Standards by-law: A local landowner had his property cleared of his possessions without his approval. He went to court and won $52,000 plus removal of costs from his property taxes. The by-law inspector is to know and understand the limit of his authority and the Township had committed trespass.


Reeve Mark Henderson and the Council of Jocelyn Township passed a by-law upholding patented private property rights of the private property owner.

South Stormont Council – Passed a by-law stating that their township will not implement language by-laws, restricting which language shall be displayed on commercial signs and there will be no demand for signs to be in both French and English.

The Department of Fisheries – Through committee meetings with the OLA, DFO passed legislation removing their interest in minnows in the ditch, meaning that a person would not have to worry about a few tadpoles creating an environmental strangle hold.

Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority – A cottager/landowner member added fill to his cottage lot to level it up.

Landowner executives and lawyer Terry Green presented the M.V.C.A. officers, the OLA report “Conservation Authorities: Legislation Out-of-Control.” Shortly afterwards, the M.V.C.A. were in a newspaper article saying that they could not flood private property.

Elizabeth Marshall, Director of Research for the OLA was elected to the Board of Directors for the Canadian Justice Review Board.

Tom Black, OLA President was appointed to the Red Tape Committee for Queen’s Park, representing the OLA.

Bill O’Brien, OLA Executive and President of the Lambton L.A. in conjunction with Cindy Moyer, President of the Huron Perth L.A. were successful in fending off the 65 OSPCA agents, accompanied by police, who raided 16 Amish farms in their area. They were looking for non-existent puppy mills. No charges were laid.

Thompson Sawmill owners stood with a large crowd of landowners in Lambton county, against the Ministry of the Environment who had their sights set on shutting down the family owned sawmill. The MOE was unsuccessful.



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