Bylaws, trees and abuses of over regulation in urban neighbourhoods

August 5, 2013 |









The infringement of property rights is not simply a rural issue, faced by rural land owners.

Here are some examples of misuse power to urban home owners and business owners:

  • In Ottawa a tree had caused about $250,000 worth of damage to the foundation of a home, yet the city went to court to defend the tree. The city lost and it cost the city about 0.5 million in legal fees and damages.
  • Dufferin County’s museum committee wants the fine for harvesting one tree without permission to be $100,000.
  • A diabetic built a house near Sudbury. Recently, police, fire, building inspector and OSPCA visited and demanded she upgrade her solar system, build interior walls, fence her property and PROVE that her house existed before amalgamation.
  • A grocery store in Marintown stopped selling gas due to over regulation. After spending over $500 on testing, he was told to spend another $10,000 of monitoring and upgrading to the station.
  • In Cambridge, a home was invaded. City officials started wandering around private property, peering in windows, while the owner’s handcapped wife was alone in the house. Agents entered the home while the owners were away and destroyed their staircase to the second level of the home. Their claim, it was too narrow, then sent the owners the bill for demolition to the tune of $6000. The staircase and design of the house had been approved by the city five years previous.
  • A man was fined for having a freezer on his porch. On his porch!
  • Once upon a time in Kanata, bylaws prevented purple garage doors, and it was also against bylaw to have a clothes line in your own private backyard.
  • Feb 22, 2012 – City Council of Ottawa approved a smoking ban on their properties, parks and beaches. Their hands then reached out to include the same ban to private business owners of restaurant and bar patios, and vendor stands at the Parkdale and ByWard markets.

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